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Make A Wish List!

The best way to get the books you really want is to create and share a wish list.

It's simple! Find a book you want, click "add to wish list."

You can access your wish list through the ‘My Account’ link and then select ‘Wish List’ 


  1. Title - Title for the wish list. You can modify the default title. This title can be used by other site visitors to search for your wish list
  2. Your Name - Your name as you would like to appear if you email your list to others. This ‘name’ can be used by site visitors to search for your wish list 
  3. Event or Expiration - The date on which this wish list will expire. For instance, if this wishlist is for a baby shower registry, you may want to make the expiration date the day of the showe. Expired wish lists will not be listed when searching for wish lists.
  4. Hide Expiration - If enabled, the expiration date will not be visible to viewers
  5. Private - Private wish lists will not be listed when someone searches for wish lists on a site but can be emailed to friends and family. 
  6. Notes - You can include a description of the wish list, which will be displayed on top of the wish list.

When making any setting changes, make sure to select the ‘Save Settings’ button.

Wishlist Management

  1. Modify - You can also update your wish list by adjusting the ‘Wanted’ quantity or removing items completely. Make sure to select the ‘Update wish list’ button after making any changes.
  2. Download -  Wish lists are available for download as a spreadsheet by selecting the ‘Download wishlist as CSV’ button.
  3. Email - You can email your wish list to up to 10 recipients at a time:
    • Recipient's e-mail address - Enter up to 10 email addresses, separated by commas.
    • Subject of e-mail - Your email subject line (we recommend making this something your recipients will recognize)
    • Custom Message - This is the body of your email, a link to your wishlist will automatically be included at the bottom.
    • Make sure to select the ‘E-mail Wish list’ button. A confirmation message will display once the e-mail has been sent.

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