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Website FAQ


  • How can I get my books?

Lots of ways! In store pick-up, curbside pick-up, ship to you, ship to someone else. Items on this website are from our warehouse (in store shopping coming soon); therefore they are not necessarily available in our store today. All of these titles can be ordered and will be ready for pick-up (in-store or curbside), or shipped free media mail over $50 or flat rate to anywhere in the upper US for just $4 in 4-8 days. You will receive an email with confirmation when your books are ready.  If you need them by a certain date or would like a gift bag please make a note in the comments section. Thanks!

  • I'm having trouble checking out. What can I do?

First of all, I'm sorry for the inconvenience! We know books but not websites. So we have a team that we can reach out to when there are difficulties. Here's what they tell us to ask you to do:

1- Scroll up to the top of the screen and check for an error message. Hopefully there is an error message and after you correct the error you can proceed as normal.

2- Try to back out of the cart and refresh your page. They also said something about clearing your cache?

3- You will need an account to check out on the website. If your cart was started before creating an account it may not save.

If you're still having no luck...

3- Email Please tell us the following information and bonus points for a screen shot!

  • What browser are you using? What device are you using? (This is because there may have been a recent update that is causing issues on our end that we need to correct.)
  • What error message, if any, are you seeing?

Please let me know if you'd like me to call you to complete the order. Oftentimes there's just a credit card hiccough and we can manually enter the information on our side. We can also just email you an invoice.

  • Do you offer gift cards?

We sure do and thanks for asking! Clicking on the gift card link on the main page will take you to our Square site where we offer e-gift cards. These can be used in our store or online. However, when you checkout online, you have to put the code in the comments section. When we are processing your order, we will manually look up the gift card code and apply it. So when you check out, the amount will not be changed. When we mark the order as "payment received" the gift card will have been applied and you will see it reflected on your invoice.

  • I have a baby shower coming up and I don’t want 27 copies of GOODNIGHT MOON. Can you help?

Yes! Extra copies are good but you know what they say about too much of a good thing. Making a wish list is your best option. You can search for a title, click “add to wish list” and share that wish-list with all your friends and family.

  • I didn't get a receipt for my order. What should I do?

After submitting your order you will receive an email confirmation. If you don't see it, please check your spam folder. We will also email you once your order is ready for pick up or delivery.

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